~ Learning Sites

These are bridge programmes that are best at teaching you and improving your game. They are obviously still fun to play, but may lack the simplicity of approach of things like Funbridge.

No Fear Bridge
This site has been going a long time and is based on the Acol system which makes it perfect for the majority of UK players. If you want to practice American style 5 card majors and strong notrumps see their site at www.nofearbridge.com
§ You get a free trial for two weeks and after that it is £54 per year (or £16.80 / 3 months).
§ The interface is rather busy and old-fashioned as it hasn’t been changed in a long time, but it is fairly easy to navigate once you get used to it. There are all sorts of quizzes, tips, hands of the day etc. most of which seem very good. Some of the bidding isn’t right up to the minute – for instance they don’t like you opening 12-14 balanced if you hold a 5 card major – but it all follows the Acol system so won’t ever be far off what you know.
§ You can’t play against real people on the site, but you can each take the various quizzes or challenges and compare your scores.
§ As a means of improving your game NoFearBridge is an excellent tool.