Playing bridge on computers etc. ~ ~ ~ ~

As we are all now confined to our homes, no matter our age, we need activities to keep us occupied. Bridge is perfect at keeping your mind sharp and whiling away many hours.

There are various different types of bridge you can use on your devices:

  1. Practice apps. These might be on your phone, tablet or desktop. Some will perform across multiple platforms. They are used for playing the game against computers and some are great, some are awful with plenty in-between. We review the best on the Playing Apps page.
  2. Live Playing Sites. On these you can play against computers, but you can also play against real players (who might be anywhere in the world) in real time. You can also set-up private tables so that you can invite three other friends to join you. See the Live Playing Sites page.
  3. Learning Sites. These are best at teaching you and for improving your game. There is a certain amount of cross-over with the two categories above, but some sites are best for learning.

If anyone has suggestions for apps / sites they particularly enjoy that aren’t listed here please let us know. Or if you have any tips for the ones already listed do get in touch.